Sarahah…the new app everyone is talking about

Sarahah (meaning ‘honesty’ in Arabic) is an anonymous messaging service available on Android, IOs and the Web. Once a user registers, they can give the link to their friends or post it publicly online and anyone with that link can send them anonymous messages. The recipient has no way of knowing who posted the message […]

You’re more than just an exam grade

Let me start off by saying this isn’t an article criticising teachers.  I know a few teachers, and every one of them works incredibly hard!  It’s also not a criticism of school’s or exams particularly.  School is important.  At Hoshi our students and their parents are told our rules when they join.  One of these rules […]

You’re not a Kettle

Bullying can come in all shapes and sizes. From physical hitting and pushing around, to name calling and exclusion. The physical is a little more obvious and clear cut as bullying. The name calling and emotional bullying can be a little harder to identify and deal with. What is meant purely as a joke and […]