The Bully…by Paul Williams

The Bully is a poem written by Paul Williams of Pontypridd, who has kindly allowed us to share it here:

Alone sitting, while everyone else does play
Nobody to talk to nothing to say
As the vibrant sound of fun echoes around the school yard
Sitting alone no one to play with is ever so hard
Sniggers and sneers behind your back
As every day confidence you do lack
In the classroom no one to sit by while you learn
Just one friend is all you yearn
Too frightened to say anything in case it’s wrong
Wishing you could ignore what they say, and just be strong
A mother sees the sadness in your eyes
But it’s all covered up by fear and lies

On the way home frightened to walk through the gate
Knowing they will be hiding somewhere in wait
As you walk around each corner fearing they will be there
There’s no one to help you, no one to care
Others look on fearing they will be next
While others say nothing feeling perplexed
You make it home safe and alone
Then you hear a vibration from your phone
Should you look at it what will it say
Will it be the same hurtful message as every other day?

Too scared to tell the teachers in case they think you’re a snitch
But whatever you do they still call you a bitch
It sometimes seems that the bully always wins
But it’s you that is paying for their sins
Tormented and lost within yourself, nowhere to turn
As everyday inside your stomach does churn
What would they do if they had to go through the same hell?
If they had no one to talk to, no one to tell
I hope when they grow up they will realise they were to blame
And they hang their heads with regret and shame


This poem was reproduced with the kind permission of Paul Williams from Pontypridd

This article originated from an external source. We are sharing it for your information but Hoshi: Keeping Children Safe are not responsible for any inaccuracies or circumstances that arise from the use of the information in this article.

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