Fight Choreography for New Batman Project

We are proud and excited to announce that we have been asked to do the fight and stunt choreography for an upcoming Batman fan film, Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne. Written by C W Lynch (the genius behind The Black Room* and upcoming film Offworld) and directed by Pete Kijek (Offworld and Whovians), this will […]


Warning: The following video contains strong language and themes that may be unsuitable for younger children. This video by CARE Norway is a couple of years old now, but is still poignant. #DearDaddy is a letter to a father from his daughter, narrated while still in the womb.  Exploring the effects of names that girls are called […]

Monitoring apps: what parents should know

Monitoring apps allow parents to track their children’s activity – from where they go after school to what they’re texting. At first glance, an app that lets parents constantly keep tabs on their children might seem like a good thing, but is it really?

Consent – when has someone agreed to sex?

The issue of consent has recently been in the news: Cambridge University is considering introducing classes on consent after a high number of students reported experiencing assault, harassment and unwelcome touching. In the US, dozens of universities are under federal investigation over their handling of sexual assault cases. Sexual violence is a horrific problem and […]

Boys and self-harm: facts and tips

Recent figures suggest that rates of self-harm among young boys may be on the rise. In 2013-2014, 659 boys went to hospital with self-harm injuries, an increase of more than 30% on the figure for just four years earlier. The majority of young people admitted to hospital for self-harm are still girls (59551), but experts are warning against […]