Has your child shared a nude selfie? – ThinkUKnow

If you’ve found out your child has shared a revealing pic or video, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to stop things getting out of hand. Watch these short films for advice on what to do next:

Sexting – CEOP’s new films say ‘don’t panic!’ (But do respond)

Selfies are a new global phenomenon and are often harmless and fun. But selfie-takers don’t always keep their clothes on. With the rise of the selfie has come growing concern about young people taking and sharing revealing photos or videos – often referred to in the media as ‘sexting’.

Selfies: the good, the bad and the downright irritating

The selfie has become a huge part of modern life. It has transformed the simple self-portrait into something more immediate and has grown in cultural importance – it’s been linked to identity, self-exploration and narcissism. Something as simple as putting a camera on the front of a mobile device has created a cultural trend that […]

Three top tips for building your child’s online resilience

Recent research suggests that a lot of what we’ve been told about keeping children safe online may be wrong. In fact, rather than trying to limit young people’s exposure to harmful content via filters and restrictions, we should be focusing on helping them build their skills, confidence and creativity.  This will make it easier for them […]