Child Grooming & Abduction – A True Story

“It won’t happen to me”, “That’s just what you read in the news”, “That only happens in America”.  These are just 3 thinks I’ve heard from both children and parents when talking about grooming.  It’s always someone else’s worry.  Something you read in the paper that doesn’t really affect you.  The story below happened here […]

Teens on Tinder

My child uses Tinder – now what? We often assume the online dating world is strictly adults only, but as it turns out this isn’t always the case. Because credit cards are normally age-restricted, paid dating services are fairly effective at keeping out underage users – but lots of dating sites and apps are free and don’t […]

At risk of sexual exploitation? – know the signs

Parenting is all about letting your child enjoy increasing freedom in a safe manner. This becomes quite a challege in adolescence, as young people explore new relationships. It can be difficult at times to tell the difference between typical teenage behaviour and the warning signs that they may be getting involved in a relationship that is unsafe.