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Has your child shared a nude selfie? – ThinkUKnow

If you’ve found out your child has shared a revealing pic or video, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to stop things getting out of hand.

Watch these short films for advice on what to do next:

Understanding why

It’s important to keep things in perspective and plan how to talk to your child. Remember, however stressed and anxious you are feeling, they are probably feeling more so. Watch this film to find out how one parent coped.

Nude Selfies: Understanding Why

Talking to your child

It’s a good idea to have ongoing conversations with your child about sex and relationships including nude selfies. It might be a bit embarrassing at first but this film suggests some ways to start it off.

Nude Selfies: Talking to your child

When should I be worried?

Young people share nude selfies for different reasons and in different ways, and some situations are less risky than others. This film will help you risk-assess your child’s situation. 

Nude Selfies: When should I be worried?

Where to get help

Find out about organisations which can help you and your child.

Nude Selfies: Where to get help

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