Child Grooming & Abduction – A True Story

“It won’t happen to me”, “That’s just what you read in the news”, “That only happens in America”.  These are just 3 thinks I’ve heard from both children and parents when talking about grooming.  It’s always someone else’s worry.  Something you read in the paper that doesn’t really affect you.  The story below happened here […]

Setting safety and privacy settings for social media apps

A guide to setting the privacy settings on some of the most common websites Facebook Minimum age: 13 Facebook’s privacy settings let your child control who sees their posts and timeline. Click or tap the padlock icon at the top of any page and this takes you to Privacy Shortcuts in the drop-down menu for […]

Snapchat – what to do if you’re worried

Snapchat is one of thousands of photo sharing apps and it’s not the only one with disappearing pictures (Facebook, for example, had a similar app called Poke). New apps are popping up all the time, which is why it’s important for children and young people to develop critical thinking and media literacy skills, to help […]

Making Snapchat work for you

Manage your settings Snapchat’s settings are really basic, but there’s one setting that can help a lot: If you don’t want just anybody sending you photos, make sure you’re using the default setting to accept only incoming pictures from ‘My Friends.’ Here’s how to be sure: