Social Media Age Restrictions

Many parents do not realise the Social Media sites and applications their children use have age restrictions.

Here is a list compiled by the NSPCC and updated in October 2019, along with some other popular sites we have added.

AGE 13+
– Twitter
– Facebook & Messenger
– Viber
– We Chat
– Monkey
– Yubo
– Dubsmash
– Instagram
– Tik Tok
– Skype
– Google Hangouts
– Reddit
– Snapchat
– Pinterest
– YouTube (Not YouTube Kids)
– Discord
– Twitch

AGE 16+
– WhatsApp
– Telegram Messenger
– Tumblr

AGE 17+
– Line
– Sarahah
– Tellonym

The problem with Parental Controls

There is no magic “safe internet” button. If you want parental control, that’s what it means – a parent, being in control.

Chris Lynch – Writer, Hypnotist, Technologist, Parent

In the first of our guest writer blogs, Technology expert Chris Lynch talks about the use and effectivness of parental controls.


There, I’ve said it.


You couldn’t move for the scare stories about the “Momo Challenge” online a month or so back, followed by the stories that it was all a scam, followed then by the stories that it was now real… inspired by the original scam.

I’m not writing about whether or not Momo is, or was, real. Momo, in and of itself, is not the problem.

The problem is that the potential for something like Momo to exist is there and that many people seem to think that the solution for this needs to be found in technology, legislation, or both. We need to make the Internet safe for kids, yeah?

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Addicted to social media – or just teens being teens?

Does being a good parent mean you have to know everything your child is up to? We examine when to let your teen become independent online.

‘Teens turn to, and are obsessed with, whichever environment allows them to connect to friends. Most teens aren’t addicted to social media; if anything, they’re addicted to each other.’

Danah Boyd, author of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens
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You’re more than just an exam grade

Let me start off by saying this isn’t an article criticising teachers. I know a few teachers, and every one of them works incredibly hard! It’s also not a criticism of school’s or exams particularly. School is important. At Hoshi our students and their parents are told our rules when they join. One of these rules is if a child is not well enough to (or chooses not to) go to school, then they are not well enough to come to class.

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Walk before you can run!

It’s the one thing that all Martial Arts instructors will have seen. That student who wants to do a full out sprint before they have learned to walk. The student who already wants to train with the Black belts, despite joining the class 3 months ago. The student who speeds through every technique like The Stig in a Ferrari.

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